Creating the perfect safari anywhere in Africa takes an enormous amount of planning and organization. The knowledge of your guide creating the itinerary, to the logistics involved with each location, to the great distances your camp moves between parks, to the exquisite food that appears at every meal, needless to say, there is much behind-the-scenes work that goes into a seamless and successful safari. Africa is an unpredictable continent, with weather, culture, and bumpy dusty roads all being obstacles. When a guest arrives in camp, they should not need to know or have to think about these logistics. It is therefore extremely important to have a team to handle all of these aspects and any unseen eventualities. Sean is extremely lucky to have one such team. Please meet the wonderful people responsible for your perfect safari.

Justine is the pivotal person in our office. From the first moment a guest writes to us, to collaborating the huge number of logistics entailed in organizing a safari, to hand selecting the finest food ingredients, to answering every question a guest has before their safari, Justine handles it all. When Sean is on safari, Justine is the answer to any problems, be it changing internal flight plans, or perhaps something far more important like ordering extra white wine.

Edward is in charge of all aspects of the moving and setting up of camp. His responsibilities include, overseeing and double-checking that every piece of the camp is packed into the truck, to make sure that all crew are accounted for and all their needs are taken care of. When overnighting on the road, Edward ensures that the rest of the crew are happy and ready to move the following morning. When in camp, he is your go-to man for food and drinks(he makes a mean Gin & Tonic).

Timothy is in charge of all equipment related issues in camp. From ensuring that every tent has hot water, electricity, ironed sheets, and every guest is in their little slice of comfort.

Kimathi and Frederick are the finest safari cooks we know. No matter what the weather is doing, in eight years, this team has produced hot delicious three course meals, without a slip up. Guests often remark at their astonishment when during a tropical storm with inches of rain falling every hour, with wind howling through the simple kitchen and in the middle of absolutely nowhere, Kimathi and Fredrick are able to produce a perfectly baked honey glazed gammon with freshly baked bread rolls along side.

Francis, Galo, Mweya are the many ‘tent men’ who make up the rest of our crew. Together they form the brute strength and stubborn refusal to ever give up moving our enormous camps across Kenya. Extremely skilled and the true ‘well oiled machine’ behind the scenes, these are gentlemen who work the hardest and are truly responsible for our camp being in the right place at the right time.

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