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Sean, together with several of his associate guides, have been at the forefront of wildlife conservation and responsible tourism. The original partners founded the East African Wildlife Society and were deeply committed to the preservation of Africa and its inhabitants.

Today, we support community based conservation and eco-tourism initiatives in areas outside Kenya's National Parks, with a view to preserving these wild habitats and their wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations.

Working closely with communities in a continuing quest to enable people and wildlife to co-exist in wilderness areas, we have recently founded the Kenya Wildlife Trust. This young charity has been closely involved with projects such as building schools, providing healthcare, water and conservation education.

Unique amongst such organizations, KWT is proud to guarantee the fact that 100% of all funds generated go towards the promotion of their projects, none of the monies being used in administration. A registered charity with tax-benefit status, KWT also believes in allowing their donors to specify exactly where they wish their money to be utilized. Committed to transparency, the trust also operates its own website www.kenyawildlifetrust.org upon which it regularly posts project updates, newsletters and donor-support information.

Another project we are intrinsically involved with is the Esiteti school in Amboseli.

We also endorse, Save the Elephants Research Organization, Space for Giants, Elephant Voices, and The Elephant Trust.

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Contact SeanĀ  Tel:+254 (0) 735 903241 Email: seandundassafaris.com