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Esiteti primary school started as a pre primary school in January 1999, with 53 pupils. It was located in a prime wildlife zone of Olgulului – Ololorashi group ranch in the Amboseli community wildlife area which borders Amboseli National Park An inspirational project, the school was founded by James Ole Kamete and the classes were held under a large acacia tree. Later a wooden building was constructed that had one classroom and a small staff room, and by January 2007 over four hundred young Maasai boys and girls had graduated from the school and joined Olgulului secondary school.

Education is the root agent of change in any society and Esiteti is no exception. Provision of basic education means that the future generation will be able to make better and more informed decisions, and take charge of their own destiny. The school now has 184 pupils and five teachers and due to a shortage of classrooms the pupils had to be taught in shifts. The three youngest classes were taught in 'bush classroooms' under the trees, and the main challenge of teaching outside in Amboseli is the strong sun and very dusty wind and the occasional visit from a bull elephant.

In recognition of these challenges a decision was made to build a permanent school. The new school was to be built 3km away on the south eastern slope of Embaringoi hill. This is a designated human development area that has a low concentration of wildlife and therefore more suitable for the growth of the school.

Many of our safari guest having visited the original school have chosen to sponsor children through their education, and the building of the new school has been achieved through generous donations.

A close friend of ours, Teri Gabrielsen, who has been on safari with her family several times, has been an enormous support to Esiteti, and has started a non profit to raise awareness for the community. Visit her website www.ASKenya.org