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Your safari itinerary will be designed specifically for you and your group and there are a wide range of activities to choose from.

Game Drives
Game drives usually take place in the early morning or later in the afternoon, which are the cooler times of day and therefore when the wildlife is more active. Although generally we will go out early in the morning, there is often so much to see that we end up not arriving back to camp until lunchtime. In all our cars we have a supply of snacks and a fridge with cold drinks so no-one ever goes hungry if our journey back to camp is delayed. Our 4 wheel drive land-cruisers have three large roof hatches to maximise comfortable space for game viewing and a supply of Maasai blankets to keep you warm early in the morning or at dusk. Evening 'sundowners' in the bush are also popular and we often end our evening drive at a scenic spot, with a cocktail, to watch the sun set.

Wherever possible on safari, we love to get out and stretch our legs. If we are camping in a National Park it is not possible to walk, but we will always try and arrange some time out of the park so everyone who is inclined can go for a walk or a run.

East Africa is a perfect location for hiking with the option of climbing Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. Neither of these climbs are for the faint hearted, but Sean offers his own privately guided, very comfortable trips up both Mountains.

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano and Africa's second highest mountain. The mountain offers forest and moorland and the twin peaks of Batian (17,057ft) and Nelion (17,021ft). Mt Kenya offers incredible hiking, seclusion and beauty. Sean has special permission to walk anywhere on the mountain, making these trips a very special and private experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa at 19,340ft and there are several different trekking routes which reach the summit.

Bird Watching
East Africa boasts an incredible variety of bird species, with Kenya alone having 1,137 different species. Even if you are not an avid birder, you will become one by the end of your safari.

There is great number of options to include a little fishing on your safari. From trout fishing in the glacial lakes and streams of Mount Kenya, to inshore fly fishing on the coast, to catching a few slimy catfish next to hippos and crocodiles!

Hot Air Balloon Rides
Flying over the Maasai Mara at certain times of year is an incredible experience which allows amazing views of the landscape and an unprecedented viewing of wildlife. The flight begins just before dawn, you drift in the direction of the wind and the flight usually lasts about 45 minutes. After landing you have a champagne breakfast before heading back to camp.

Horse Riding
We often include a couple of nights during a safari on a private ranch or conservancy in Laikipia or the Chyulu Hills. In both of these places it is possible to go horse-back riding and to get really close to many of the plains game, which would often not allow you to get so close if you are in a vehicle.

Camel Trekking
This is one of the best ways to explore the remote areas of Northern Kenya and we arrange walking safaris where you can choose to ride the camels or walk beside them as you move from camp to camp.

Helicopter Flights
We can arrange for you to go on a helicopter flight to explore inaccessible areas of East Africa, such as a trip around Mount Kenya or a flight to see the fossils at Lake Turkhana.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda
We take several of our guests to see the gorillas in Rwanda. Please see the Rwanda information sheet for further details.

Daphne Sheldrick's elephant orphanage
We often arrange a private visit to Daphne Sheldrick's elephant orphanage when you return to Nairobi on your last afternoon. This is always a special thing to do and fascinating to understand the project, especially after seeing elephants in the wild on safari.

The Coast
Many people choose to spend a couple of days at the coast at the end of their safari to relax before they head home. Kenya's coastline is an ideal water sports venue with its white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. We can arrange accommodation in private homes or small hotels, and recommend several activities such as diving, kite-surfing, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.


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