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As a fourth generation Kenyan, and third generation safari guide, Sean was raised with an instinctive appreciation of his surroundings. Growing up in the bush with his father, he gained a unique understanding not only of the geology, mammals and birds of Africa, but also its culture. 

After living on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy until the age of 5, he was schooled at the International School of Kenya, and after graduating from the University of Montana, followed in the footsteps of his father Nigel, who is also a professional safari guide.

Sean has led a wide range of luxury and adventure safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Namibia. He has also led trips up Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, trips down the Nile, and helicopter expeditions to active volcano’s, to the deserts of northern Kenya, and to the famous fossil sites around Lake Turkana.

Guests have described Sean's 'passion for wildlife and his seemingly endless energy as the inspirational part of their safari'. He spends his free time adventuring in remote parts of the continent photographing and sculpting the wildlife he loves. His other interests include; archeology, fly fishing, cooking (famous for his dangerous sweet chili sauce), scuba diving, hiking, and rock climbing.

Contact Sean  Tel:+254 (0) 735 903241 Email: seandundassafaris.com